I listen to my body

ListenMy body deserves the best care that I can possibly give it. I listen to my body for guidance on how to fulfill its need.

My body lets me know how to keep it fit and well. It rewards me with more energy when I eat right and exercise regularly. A sore throat may mean that I am getting a cold. On the other hand, it may mean that I am talking in a way that creates too much strain.

I pay attention to my physical reactions. They provide me with valuable clues on how to identify my true thoughts and feelings.

A sinking sensation in my stomach may mean that I am facing a conflict in a close relationship.

Stiff shoulders warn me that I am anxious during a business meeting.

An overall feeling of lightness adds to my satisfaction when I stick to my commitments and strive to reach my goals.

Communicating with my body is a skill. I train each day to improve my abilities. I start by slowing down and turning my attention inwards. Then I scan my body from head to toe for signs of tension.

I change my schedule according to what my body needs. I select more nutritious foods or take a break to stretch and walk around.

Today, I focus on what my body is saying to me. I trust it to tell me what I need.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What happens when I become quiet and listen to my body?
  2. What are the major signs my body gives me when it needs more rest?
  3. How can I integrate listening to my body into my daily routine even on busy days?
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