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IMG_16941Up for the Challenge !

A few years ago, I realized that anything is possible if you really want it.

I had concern and fear, when I embarked on my first adventure experience. Before my Machu Picchu Challenge 2008 I had never done any hiking and I was out of breath climbing a flight of stairs. It was therefore, impossible to imagine a 47KM high altitude hike including climbing thousands of stairs! This was a real big challenge for me and it was taking me out of my comfort zone.

After dedicated preparation I accomplish my goal on the morning of August 16, 2008. Reaching the Machu Picchu sanctuary was very rewarding. This whole experience including a paragliding ride was very transformational. I realize that nothing is impossible in life, if you really want something you can make any dreams come to true. All you have to do is take one step a the time.

I have since reached the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro on October 04, 2009, the highest peak in Africa. I still have no word to describe what I felt when I finally arrive at the top and had my picture taken with that famous sign. However I recall a telephone message I left for my parents telling them how happy I was to be so stubborn because that was what got me to the top. It took me a total of 9hrs and 45min to arrive at the top from the camp, I had to stop so often to catch my breath because it was so steep. I was the last one from my group to get there but, that had no importance, what was important was that I did it. This was the most difficult experience physically and mentally that I had done in my life however, I was so proud of my accomplishment.

It seems that I couldn’t stop and I had to do another challenge and the next obvious step was Everest Base Camp which I am proud to report even thought I was fighting a very bad cold and hadn’t eaten in 2 days, I did make the base camp. I was so exhausted and weak that I figure it was the adrenaline rush that got me there. But WOW what a feeling to be so close to the ‘Top of the World’ and seeing all those majestic landscapes that you forget all your small drawbacks. Of these three different challenges this was the most physically demanding.

Then in August 2011, I realize another of my goal and was able to check another dream off my list of things to do. I trekked the Bright Angel Loop trail in the Grand Canyon. This was an amazing experience however, I could not appreciate it as much as I would have hoped. My mother had pass away couple of days before I was to leave for a seminar in Arizona, after debating if I should cancel my trip I decide to go ahead with my plan because my mom would have wanted that and the last words she said to me 2 days before she died was ‘Have a nice trip and take care of yourself’. Like all moms she was a little worried when I left on my expeditions. I felt really privileged to have this time by myself in the middle of such a beautiful place, because it really felt I was alone there since not many people venture down the canyon in August when it 128 degree in the shade.

Now is time for me to share my passion for travel and my thirst for learning and personal development. I want to share with you the tools that I have learned and that have helped me achieve my goals.

I can help you achieve your goals too. If you really want to go after your dreams, make the decision right now to participate in a Women on Adventure Expedition that will be a personal transformation, one step at a time.

Looking forward to walking with you soon!

Chantal Sauvé

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