Success Stories

Here is what people have to says about working with Chantal

I was very happy and delighted about our coaching sessions. I saw that my actions have brought fruit for the development of my project. I greatly appreciated your enthusiasm to want to have your clients succeed I go back grown up from our meetings. I continue to be in action and in pleasure. – Julie Lefebvre (Cusco, Peru)


Chantal, You are an inspiration! Woody & I had the Best time with you when you were in San Diego recently! Anyone who has you for their coach is going to have a wonderful life! We so enjoyed our time with you, Chantal! You taught us a lot! JT Foxx should be very proud of you, and I know he is! – Donna Woodrum (San Diego – May 2013)


It’s amazing that I was able to deploy so much actions and changes in just 5 weeks working with Chantal. I’m surprised myself with my ability to be resilient, to be able to bounce back even in difficult times.

Since completing the 5 sessions, I continued to change things on a daily basis and I found a way to balance work and family, while respecting my values and desires. I feel relieved and happy to see the path that is ahead for me and my family. I really think I need this support, “to have my butt kick” and to put me in action. Can’t wait to continue our work together. Are you ready to be coach. – Laura Dagenais (Ste Julie, QC)


Where do I begin? Amazing, Effective, Life Changing

When I started coaching with Chantal a year ago now (August 2012), I had lost my focus, my purpose and I did not have a plan for my own business, something I passionately wanted to start.   I had lost confidence in myself and what I was doing, I had no idea on how to set goals and what I was doing belong to others; not goals that allowed me to achieve the life that I wanted to live.

After I began one on one coaching with Chantal my relationships improved and I now have a fixed goal that I want to achieve for me. Chantal has been honest and incredible insightful with me, guiding me to be my best possible self with her gentle wisdom and encouragement and offering alternative solutions that made more sense than my muddled mind had to offer at the time .

My own business is now developing with more clarity after working with Chantal I was able to implement many sound business chooses that I would never have been able to do without the coaching sessions with this amazing coach, Chantal help me discover true purpose, allowing me to make positive steps towards what I truly want to achieve at this time in my life.

But the biggest change has been in ME. My personal growth and confidence have skyrocket since I began working with Chantal. It has been a very healthy, life-changing and healing process.

I’m truly grateful for the opportunity to be coached by Chantal, who has been instrumental in changing my life in so many ways. I wholeheartedly recommend any coaching offered by Chantal because it will make a real difference in your life and business. – Christine Barnes, Melbourne, Australia


I have started coaching with Chantal and even on the very first call, we were able to accomplish a lot!  I have been coached by other very experienced, knowledgeable business people but here is what you get with Chantal.  She has an uncanny ability to ask the right questions and then to LISTEN while you respond.  My session was all about me and how I move myself forward.  At the end, I had a number of actions, goals and DATES committed that I came up with from her probing.  She is action oriented, drives right to the heart of the matter to help you find the most important thing to move forward. Thank you Chantal! – Debbie Saidyfye Real Estate Entrepreneur Oakville, ON


Chantal is a great coach with sound insights and perspectives. She listens well and asks powerful questions, getting to the core issues quickly. She motivated me to keep taking action and challenged me by taking me out of my comfort zone. She helped me to stay focused on my goals.  I highly recommend Chantal as a coach.  Lisa M. Houston,Texas


Thank you Chantal for the awesome coaching sessions. You are a wonderful Life Coach. It has made such an amazing difference in my life. It has helped me change my thinking and has helped me to change the way I think and feel about myself and my business. Your knowledge and commitment to helping me improve has made me feel more confident to start my business and be on the right tract to being self employed. Andrea Lavallée Toronto On.


When I began getting coaching from Chantal, I was overwhelmed and frustrated with myself and my new business.  I was working hard, but not seeing any progress in achieving my goals.  Chantal helped me identify which action steps needed to be done first, to build a foundation for the next steps.  Whenever I started to feel overwhelmed, Chantal helped me stay focused on succeeding in my current action steps. The feeling of success at completing an action step drove away the sense of overwhelm, and gave me enthusiasm to start the next step! 


One of the greatest things is that Chantal unwaveringly has faith in my ability to accomplish my goals, and that helps me have faith in myself, and my ability to overcome any obstacles, even when I’m working with unfamiliar tasks or technology.  Chantal brings calmness, proportion, logic, and warmth to the coaching experience.  Thank you so much, Chantal! –Linda Carroll Kailua-Kona, HI