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Services-oriented professionals looking to shorten their path to getting their business to the next level get a jump-start by working with Chantal Sauvé, a business and marketing strategist.

Hi, my name is Chantal Sauvé, and my mission is to inspire and help services-oriented professionals transform their business and maximize their results so they can start living their ideal life right now.

I love everything to do with personal empowerment, for over 25 years now I have been reading, attending seminars and taking training programs on personal development. I have learned from the best, such as Jack Canfield, T. Harv Eker, Brendon Burchard, Pierre Morency, Bob Proctor to name a few. My personal experience working on changing my own mindset helped me gain clarity and propel my projects into action.

I had a good life I was traveling, playing golf and enjoying life. I had a dream job helping other achieved their financial freedom and goals. Then on August 09, 2011, I learn a life-changing lesson.

After a sleepless night, I was up before 4 a.m. cleaning the house because I had to keep busy. I was crying, thoughts and images were flashing through my mind. The one sentence that kept coming back and making me cry even more was, “What was I waiting for?”

My mother had passed away unexpectedly the day before and I did not have a chance to tell her all the things I could have said or done all the things I should have done. Why did I wait until it was too late?

What are you waiting for…

To have meaningful relationships?
To have profound discussions?
To achieve your dreams?
To start taking actions?
To be grateful for what you have?
To congratulate yourself for all the good things you have done?
To say I love you?

I am very grateful that my mom left me with this last powerful lesson. I finally know what is the message I have to share in this world and it propels me to take action toward my own dream.

I first had to admit to myself that I was not as passionate about what I was doing anymore and decide I need to make changes in life.


So I hire a coach and lay out a plan and took actions toward achieving my dream. I took my coaching training certification and after been a Financial Planner for 15 years, I sold my practice to become a coach because I wanted to make a bigger difference.

Since leaving my Financial Planning practice, I have been learning all I can about creating my ideal business and work with the best coaches to help me get there. I am now ready to help you reach your full potential, turn your dreams into reality and achieve your greatness and help you take your business to the next level.

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