I listen to my body

My body deserves the best care that I can possibly give it. I listen to my body for guidance on how to fulfill its need. My body lets me know how to keep it fit and well. It rewards me with more energy when I eat right and exercise regularly. A sore throat may mean […]

Being productive is important to me

Many opportunities present themselves to me each day. As these special events materialize, I opt to make the best of them by producing something that matters. Daily opportunities allow me to do important or necessary things. Every day, it is integral that I am productive in some way. I consider my job to be one […]

I am where I need to be

I am exactly where I need to be. I have everything I need and I am everything this moment asks of me. Nothing in this moment needs to be changed. This moment is perfectly complete. I am perfectly complete. I am doing all that the moment requires of me. Regardless of the past, I am […]

I am free of the past

I live my life in the present. The past is irrelevant today. All I am capable of remembering is just my interpretation of the past. So the present is my reality and I release myself from the past. I consciously focus on the present. I accomplish this by only putting my mental energy into what […]