Archive by Author have the knowledge and resources to achieve my dreamsI have the knowledge and resources to achieve my dreams

I am fully prepared to reach my goals and dreams. Everything I want is around or inside of me. I take comfort in knowing that I already have everything I require. I am free of the belief that I require “something else” before I can be successful. I remain focused on positive outcomes. When I […] listen to my bodyI listen to my body

My body deserves the best care that I can possibly give it. I listen to my body for guidance on how to fulfill its need. My body lets me know how to keep it fit and well. It rewards me with more energy when I eat right and exercise regularly. A sore throat may mean […] use my time alone to reflect and rechargeI use my time alone to reflect and recharge

I make good use of my time alone. I ponder both the good and challenging aspects of my life. I reflect on the positive in order to be grateful and on the negative to learn from my mistakes. I am able to recharge when I am alone. There is something energizing about being alone and […] how I respond to stress is key to my peace of mindManaging how I respond to stress is key to my peace of mind

Each day brings its share of stressful situations. I understand that I am unable to control what happens to me, but I am resolute in managing how I respond to situations. This approach contributes to my continuing peace of mind. My reaction to situations dictates how well I am able to combat stress. I know […] productive is important to meBeing productive is important to me

Many opportunities present themselves to me each day. As these special events materialize, I opt to make the best of them by producing something that matters. Daily opportunities allow me to do important or necessary things. Every day, it is integral that I am productive in some way. I consider my job to be one […] I am spontaneous, life is more interestingWhen I am spontaneous, life is more interesting

Even though I understand the importance of following a schedule, I enjoy opportunities to stray from what must be done. Everyone deserves to have some “down time,” and I take full advantage of mine with the special moments I create spontaneously. I discover the most fascinating tidbits about other people, life, and myself when I […] of what happens, it is meant to beRegardless of what happens, it is meant to be

Although I have quite a bit of control over my life, I realize that sometimes things just happen. Unexpected things pop up in a day. Unwanted events occur without warning. I truly believe that all of these occurrences, positive and otherwise, are meant to be. In challenging times, I remind myself that I still have […] am where I need to beI am where I need to be

I am exactly where I need to be. I have everything I need and I am everything this moment asks of me. Nothing in this moment needs to be changed. This moment is perfectly complete. I am perfectly complete. I am doing all that the moment requires of me. Regardless of the past, I am […] am free of the pastI am free of the past

I live my life in the present. The past is irrelevant today. All I am capable of remembering is just my interpretation of the past. So the present is my reality and I release myself from the past. I consciously focus on the present. I accomplish this by only putting my mental energy into what […] accept myself – wholly and completelyI accept myself – wholly and completely

When I wake up each morning, I give thanks for my achievements and the person I have become. My reflection reminds me to be grateful for the unique characteristics that make me who I am. I admit that accepting myself wholly and completely is an ongoing project. At times, I may feel unhappy with traits […]