Archive | June, 2015 how I respond to stress is key to my peace of mindManaging how I respond to stress is key to my peace of mind

Each day brings its share of stressful situations. I understand that I am unable to control what happens to me, but I am resolute in managing how I respond to situations. This approach contributes to my continuing peace of mind. My reaction to situations dictates how well I am able to combat stress. I know […] productive is important to meBeing productive is important to me

Many opportunities present themselves to me each day. As these special events materialize, I opt to make the best of them by producing something that matters. Daily opportunities allow me to do important or necessary things. Every day, it is integral that I am productive in some way. I consider my job to be one […] I am spontaneous, life is more interestingWhen I am spontaneous, life is more interesting

Even though I understand the importance of following a schedule, I enjoy opportunities to stray from what must be done. Everyone deserves to have some “down time,” and I take full advantage of mine with the special moments I create spontaneously. I discover the most fascinating tidbits about other people, life, and myself when I […] of what happens, it is meant to beRegardless of what happens, it is meant to be

Although I have quite a bit of control over my life, I realize that sometimes things just happen. Unexpected things pop up in a day. Unwanted events occur without warning. I truly believe that all of these occurrences, positive and otherwise, are meant to be. In challenging times, I remind myself that I still have […] am where I need to beI am where I need to be

I am exactly where I need to be. I have everything I need and I am everything this moment asks of me. Nothing in this moment needs to be changed. This moment is perfectly complete. I am perfectly complete. I am doing all that the moment requires of me. Regardless of the past, I am […]