Archive | May, 2015 am free of the pastI am free of the past

I live my life in the present. The past is irrelevant today. All I am capable of remembering is just my interpretation of the past. So the present is my reality and I release myself from the past. I consciously focus on the present. I accomplish this by only putting my mental energy into what […] accept myself – wholly and completelyI accept myself – wholly and completely

When I wake up each morning, I give thanks for my achievements and the person I have become. My reflection reminds me to be grateful for the unique characteristics that make me who I am. I admit that accepting myself wholly and completely is an ongoing project. At times, I may feel unhappy with traits […] outlook on life is infused with enthusiasmMy outlook on life is infused with enthusiasm

I have a wonderful outlook on life. Each day, I am blessed to live a life filled with joyful anticipation. This expectation for good things is the source of my great enthusiasm. I plan exciting things into my schedule on a regular basis. My life is exciting and fulfilling. I have a great life and […] follow my instinctsI follow my instincts

In order to live an enjoyable and rewarding life, I pay attention to my feelings and respond to them accordingly. In every situation, I notice my emotions and what they tell me I should do. Then, I follow those messages through my actions. I am glad that I listen to my own heartfelt emotions. An […]