I have the knowledge and resources to achieve my dreams

13094524_sI am fully prepared to reach my goals and dreams. Everything I want is around or inside of me. I take comfort in knowing that I already have everything I require. I am free of the belief that I require “something else” before I can be successful.

I remain focused on positive outcomes. When I do this, life seems easier.

I try to be a great resource for others. Not only does it feel great to be supportive, but I am more likely to obtain their help and support in the future.

When I am facing challenging times and my goals appear out of reach, I make a list of all my available resources. This includes all the people I know, the skills I possess, my belongings, and everything else the world has to offer. Then, I use my knowledge to determine how to best utilize those assets.

I believe that my dreams are in line with my capabilities and recognize that I have the means to achieve success by just using the resources that are at my disposal. My own personal knowledge and experiences are two of those resources.

Today, I remind myself of the great resources at my disposal. I think about how much I have learned and how I can apply that knowledge to attain greatness.

 Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are my goals and dreams?
  2. What resources do I have at my disposal?
  3. Which of these resources can I more fully utilize to make my dreams come true?
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