Archive | February, 2015 deserve to be happy and successful.I deserve to be happy and successful.

Everyone deserves to be happy and successful, including me. I know that happiness and success are things that I create in my life. So I purposely take certain actions that facilitate my happiness and success. I also focus on the good things that life has to offer rather than spending my energy bemoaning my challenges. […] goals in life are clearMy goals in life are clear

When establishing goals, I take a look at my priorities. My career, children, partner, and health are all at the top of my list. In each of these arenas of my life, I am clear about what I want. Therefore, setting goals is easy for me. I find that when I put down my desires […] conquer one step at a timeI conquer one step at a time

“One step at a time” is my mantra. It enables me to reach my goals and overcome any challenge. I am confident in knowing that success is mine for the taking. When I choose a goal, I take the time to make an action plan to reach it. My action plan consists of a series […] can change my results by changing my approachI can change my results by changing my approach

I am a firm believer that there is always an alternative. I avoid looking at difficult situations as impossible to resolve. I know I can change the outcome of any situation if I change my approach to it. I carefully weigh the pros and cons in making each decision and remain open to considering other […]