Archive | April, 2015 avoid blaming others for my choicesI avoid blaming others for my choices

I make all kinds of choices each day. My health, my relations and my work are just some of the options I deal with on a daily basis. Even though I might make less than the best decisions, I avoid blaming others for my choices. I fully recognize that what I decide to do springs […] things happen to me every dayGood things happen to me every day

There are many reasons I am happy to be alive. Each day provides a wondrous experience. When I keep my eyes and ears open, I am privy to the positive things that occur around me. I remain open to the good that life holds for me. Although it would be easy to take many of […] is my goal in whatever I doDetermination is my goal in whatever I do

Regardless of what I am doing at any given time, I strive to be firm in my purpose. I am strong and focused. I believe I must be determined in order to complete any task. Determination is a central focus of my life. My determination helps me move through challenges. Even if an event progresses […] is a key to my successConsistency is a key to my success

Thankfully, I enjoy successes in my everyday life. I realize that my behaviors, choices, and emotions play a large role in my being successful. Although I have many personality characteristics that compel me to do my best and achieve my goals, I find that my consistency is an important key to my success. Reflecting occasionally […]