When I am spontaneous, life is more interesting

spontaneityEven though I understand the importance of following a schedule, I enjoy opportunities to stray from what must be done. Everyone deserves to have some “down time,” and I take full advantage of mine with the special moments I create spontaneously.

I discover the most fascinating tidbits about other people, life, and myself when I am spontaneous. Life takes a different path that is new and eye-opening.

To me, spontaneity is refreshing, unscripted, and without constraint.

The unplanned opportunities I take in any given day provide me with a wealth of interesting experiences. My life is richer and more fulfilling because of the spontaneous moments peppered throughout the week. Some of my favorite happenings are self-generated and occur during unscheduled hours.

Being spontaneous allows my creativity to flow. Because I never know for sure what might happen when I am impulsive, I feel a special kind of anticipation for free time.

I embrace and enjoy the fulfilling, impromptu moments of my life.

Today, I intend to seize the moment when an opportunity for spontaneity reveals itself. My everyday life is truly delightful when I allow myself to be spontaneous.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How often do I experience spontaneity?
  2. When was the last time I was truly spontaneous? How do I feel now about that experience?
  3. Although I recognize spontaneity cannot be planned, what steps will I take to allow more spontaneity in my life?
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