I am free of the past

I am free from the pastI live my life in the present.

The past is irrelevant today. All I am capable of remembering is just my interpretation of the past. So the present is my reality and I release myself from the past.

I consciously focus on the present. I accomplish this by only putting my mental energy into what I am doing at the moment. There is much beauty all around me, and I miss out on all of it if I allow the past to encroach on the present.

Even the most mundane tasks can be enjoyable if I pay attention and focus. I have the presence and self-control to stay in the here and now.

By concentrating on my present, I relieve myself of a tremendous mental burden. I am light and free when I live in the present.

I understand the choices and mistakes of my past mean nothing now. I am a better and smarter person from learning from those mistakes.

I can release the past and move on with my wonderful life. Anything is possible. My past is separate from my present and future. My life and all that matters are right here and now.

Today, I let go of everything from the past that fails to serve me in a positive way. I appreciate my present and all that it entails. I am free of my past.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are some things from the past I should let go?
  2. What is stopping me from letting go of these things?
  3. What could I let go of right now?
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