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13094524_sI hope you are having a very good start of the year and that motivation is still there to have you create your best year.

I recently watch a video series by Darren Harry who is a mentor for top performer, publisher of Success Magazine and author of several books including The Compound Effect, excellent book by the way, if you want to have more success than you can imagine, this book reveals the fundamental principles that lead to success. The Compound Effect contains the essence of what you need to know to become a master of your own life and thus achieve the desired success.

But back to the video series: he presented 10 steps to conquer any dreams that our mind can conceive and your heart desires.

I thought I’d share with you these 10 steps to help you achieve your dreams and create the life you really want.

  1. First, you must be hungry, you must know what you really want – you must have a deep and intense desire to achieve this dream and also you must know why you want it.
  2. You must have a “no excuse” mentality – you are responsible for your life, so you are the one responsible for the achievement or the non-achievement of your goals. You own 100% of the responsibility for your life.
  3. You probably will not like this one, but it is necessary if you really want to succeed and that is to work hard, unfortunately there is no shortcut, you must take actions, not just dream about what you want.
  4. Get a jump start and join the “5a.m. Club – It is important to have a good start in the morning by getting up early – you’ve heard “the early bird gets the worm” same thing applies to people who are successful. My goal is to join the 6a.m. club.
  5. Get physical, be fit and keep moving – those who have conquered their dreams do so because they have the energy, vitality and dynamism to do. Being and maintain physical health is essential if you want to achieve your dreams.
  6. It is important to respect and live within your core values. Take a moment to define or redefine your core values and live throughout the year according to it even when nobody is looking.
  7. Believe in yourself – you must believe YOU can, Believe YOU are capable, Believe that IT’S possible. I think it is very important to believe in your dreams and believe in yourself and in your ability to achieve them.
  8. To succeed you need determination – yes, you will have doubts and it is normal and it is part of been human, but you must not let it consume you, but use it as a springboard to continue to motivate you.
  9. You have to have the guts to risk the life you are living for the one you are capable of having. Life works in equilibrium. It works like a pendulum. To achieve your extraordinary dreams you have to be willing to take on extraordinary risk—risking your ego, risking popularity, risking the criticisms of the people around you.
  10. This last step to conquering your dreams is a constant and never ending step. It is your continual personal growth and development. You must continually invest in your success.

In order to achieve goals you have not achieved before you have to become someone you haven’t been before.

I hope these tips will help you to achieve your results, however, I suggest you do not try to do everything at once, you will feel overwhelmed and you will give up.

Start by having a clear vision of what you really want and then make a plan to get there. Sounds obvious, but you would be surprised to learn that 92% of people know they want more, but do not know what more of they want. Then incorporated and worked on a new habit at a time.

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