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I hope you are having a very good start of the year and that motivation is still there to have you create your best year. I recently watch a video series by Darren Harry who is a mentor for top performer, publisher of Success Magazine and author of several books including The Compound Effect, excellent […] the year STRONG…Start the year STRONG…

I would like to start by wishing you a very Happy New Year and I truly hope that you are as excited as I am about the fresh start that January offers and to start working on yours goals, projects and dreams. If we commit to doing the very best we can, sticking to our […] Settling and Start SizzlingStop Settling and Start Sizzling

So, it looks like you’re stuck in a rut. Are you bored with your life and the same routine day after day? Of course you can’t be happy like this! There’s an exciting world out there with a lot to offer. Deep down you know you want to get out and take a big bite […] to Make Your Dreams a RealityHow to Make Your Dreams a Reality

Ever since we were children, we’ve had dreams. The sad thing is, over the years we convinced ourselves that our dreams could never come true. Because we assumed that they were mere fantasies, we didn’t even try to make them come true. Believe it or not, your dreams can be reality! However, you won’t get […] Planning, Start Doing, and Achieve More!Stop Planning, Start Doing, and Achieve More!

Do you have some aspirations that are beyond your current capabilities? It’s natural to dream of things that you want to do someday, but currently can’t. However, to realize your dreams, at some point you must stop planning and start taking action. While planning is an important part of bringing your dreams to life, avoid […] Your Life PrioritiesSetting Your Life Priorities

Every now and then, you may ponder the complexities and maybe even some chaos in your life. You might struggle to figure out what’s next. Maybe you feel confused at times about which way to go. Have you thought about setting your life priorities to make your life easier? When you’re struggling to determine what’s […] and Motivation for Attaining Your New Year’s ResolutionDetermination and Motivation for Attaining Your New Year’s Resolution

Anyone can set a New Year’s Resolution but only a small percentage of people actually achieve them. This can boil down to your determination and your motivation to achieve your resolutions. Before setting any type of New Year’s resolution this year you should sit down and really determine what you want to achieve. Look forward […] New Year’s Resolution Goals Worth Setting4 New Year’s Resolution Goals Worth Setting

New Year’s Day is a great time to implement change and personal growth by setting goals that you want to achieve throughout the upcoming year. Some resolutions are well worth setting, because they can contribute greatly toward helping you live the life you desire and they’re attainable without any unrealistic expectations. Try these types of […] New Year’s Resolutions Really Work?Do New Year’s Resolutions Really Work?

Making New Year’s Resolutions seems to be the ‘in’ thing to do each year, but do they really work? The answer to this would depend upon how serious you are when you make your New Year’s resolution. Do you view a New Year’s Resolution as something fleeting? You just make a bunch of half hearted […] Goals Are Closer Than You ThinkYour Goals Are Closer Than You Think

Whether you realize it or not, every day brings you closer to your goals and dreams. You may feel like you have a long way to go, but you’re closer than you think. Avoid giving up or getting discouraged. Keep moving forward. Every setback is a learning experience that brings you closer to your goal. […]