My success is my responsibility

9379873_sI know that I hold the key to success in my heart, mind and soul. I embrace my inner drive and determination, and it is this drive that converts my efforts into achievements.

I view obstacles as only temporary pauses in obtaining the success I am destined for.

When I am confronted with a challenge, I stare it square in the eye. I wield my power over the challenge so it is unable to conquer me.

The bravery with which I approach challenges is the tool which helps to erase any fears I may have at the onset. Winning is inevitable once I overcome those fears.

I embrace my responsibility to ensure that each project I embark on yields positive results. I relish my role as the master of my efforts. I believe in my ability to persevere because I often experience successful outcomes after consistent effort.

Today, my success is the focal point of my day-to-day exploits. Each situation I encounter reminds me of my part in reaching my goals. I happily go after every goal with the mindset that I deserve only the best and have what it takes to get it.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. How do I empower others to rely on their own abilities to turn situations around?
  2. Do I remain positive if I am unable to achieve success with something?
  3. When challenges seem difficult to bear, how can I allow others to help?
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