Reconnect With Your Inner Power Source

17800972_sDo you ever feel like daily tasks are keeping you from participating in the activities you really want to focus on? You may have momentary glimpses or aspirations of feeling inspired. But you struggle to get moving in a positive direction toward the goals you really want to achieve.

If you’re feeling this way, it’s time to reconnect with the power source found inside of you and get involved with life again. The best method to get in touch with who you are or who you want to be is by setting some basic goals to work toward.  

Tips for creating successful goals in order to recapture your inner power source:

 1.     Consistently follow through. If you say you’ll do something, be sure to do it. If yoga is something you’ve considered or you’re simply trying to get back into moving your body again, start now.

  •  For example, wake up at the same time every morning and do 30 minutes of yoga each day for the next month.
  • Commit to something for just 30 days. Think of an activity you yearn to do and make the commitment to try it. Even if you don’t like it, at least you tried!

2.      Write down your feelings. Give yourself 15 minutes every evening to journal. If you’ve been continually troubled by distressing feelings, journaling might help you to sort it all out.

  • If your writing efforts have failed in the past, vowing to do it consistently each day for two weeks is a good way to see how it goes this time around.
  • At the end of the two weeks, assess how it went. Do you find yourself feeling less stressed or better able to cope
  • If you think it might be working, but you are still unsure, continue journaling for two more weeks and reassess how you are feeling.

3.      Increase self-discipline. Let’s say you’re disappointed with your nutritional intake. One way to get back your power is to demonstrate to yourself that you can control what you eat. For example, pledge to eat a fruit before every meal each day for a week.

  • When you decide to alter your diet for one week and then carry through with it, you resume control over your lifelong eating habits. Once you regain your self-discipline, then maybe you’ll want to extend your new plan.

4.      Reconnect with previous activities. For example, maybe you’ve gravitated away from reading books because you’re caught up with your electronic options each evening.  

  • Get back to the basics of reading great books again. Set your initial goal at reading 25 pages of a book each night for a month. If that goal is too hefty, then lower it to 10 pages or whatever is doable for you.

When establishing goals to regain your power, it’s best to set one goal at a time. Then, focus on meeting your goal by setting a specific timeline. You can decide later if you want to adjust or add an additional goal to pursue.

Rediscovering your power over your life is exhilarating. Be accountable for your actions. When you realize that you can accomplish the goals you set, you’ll regain the control over your life that you thought you’d lost.

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