Determination is my goal in whatever I do

Détermination(1)Regardless of what I am doing at any given time, I strive to be firm in my purpose.

I am strong and focused. I believe I must be determined in order to complete any task. Determination is a central focus of my life.

My determination helps me move through challenges. Even if an event progresses in a way contrary to what I choose, my level of determination stays strong. I push forward until I reach a satisfactory conclusion.

Having determination aids me to achieve success, regardless of my goal.

I realize sometimes I must alter my path. When a change is imminent, deep inside me my determination grows. I usually experience the outcomes I want because of my determination.

I am proud that I am a good role model for others by staying firm and focused in my purpose. I keep my eyes on the prize. I reflect on how to best achieve the task.

Today, I know I can tackle any job and keep working to complete it. I stay hopeful and confident. Being firm and focused increases my chances for success in whatever I do.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When I approach any task, how determined am I to complete it?
  2. Are there times when I simply give up and avoid finishing something? In what types of situations am I most likely to give up?
  3. If I were to be more determined to accomplish goals, how would my life change?
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