Rediscover Your Motivation When You’ve Lost Your Way

4688455_sDo you ever feel lost when trying to achieve your goals, especially when progress seems so far away?

If you’ve lost your way in trying to achieve a goal, you may find it difficult to rebuild your motivation. But there’s nothing stopping you from picking yourself up again!

If you feel like you’re off track, now is the perfect time for you to gather your thoughts and move forward again. This is a perfectly achievable feat, but you must be willing to give it your all.

Try this strategy to rediscover your motivation:

Figure out where you want to be. What do you want in your life? What matters most to you right now and where do you want to go from here? Take the time to visualize your dream life. Try to envision as many details as you can so you can get a feel for what you truly desire.

Commit these ideas to paper. Write the details out clearly. Focus on what you do want rather than what you don’t have or don’t want. Put all of this information down on paper in a format that works for you, such as a mind map or a brainstorm cloud. You need to be able to process this information after you jot it down on paper.

Review your current goals. How do your current goals and aspirations relate to your dream life? Are you setting specific goals for what you really want to achieve in life? If not, then revise your goals so they’re in line with what you actually want. Your goals are only effective if they’re driving you toward the future you desire.

Create visual representations of your goals. It’s important to keep your goals in mind. Leave reminders for yourself on note cards, sticky notes, poster boards, dry erase boards, and anywhere else that you’ll see them and be able to think about them.

  • Keeping your goals in mind is essential to developing the motivation to see them through to their fruition.

Enlist help and support. Surround yourself with loved ones that support you and your goals. They’ll be some of the best help for relocating your motivation. Encircle yourself with people that motivate you, cheer you on, and feed you positive energy at every turn.

Remind yourself consistently. Why do you want these specific goals? Close your eyes and visualize your dream life often, in detail, and review your action plan to remind yourself how you’re going to get there.

  • When the “why” of your goals is important to you, the “how” more easily appears. Knowing exactly what you want and how you’re going to get there brings consistent motivation. With a detailed action plan of achievable steps, you’re excited about your next step and tackle challenges with gusto to get past them and move on!

When you take decisive action to achieve your goals, you can find the strength and motivation to carry on. Avoid letting obstacles in your path prevent you from attaining the dream life that you deserve because, with hard work, the ability to bring your dreams to life is just around the corner.

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