What lies before me matters more than what is behind me

13931416_sMy life is filled with prosperity and great success. I am free to embrace my future without being tied to my past. My past, with all its pleasures and hardships, is over. I choose to savor the present and look forward with excitement toward the future.

Like the wings of a soaring eagle, my arms are open wide and I am ready to embrace whatever the future holds. I soar high above the clouds of my past to reach for the experiences ahead of me.

I am a different person than the one of my past. My past mistakes and experiences serve as lessons to guide me in the present and in the future. I am wiser because of those lessons. Armed with the knowledge from my past, I prepare to live out my purpose.

Nothing holds me back from the life I deserve. Yesterday is over; it is a part of history. What I can control is what I do today. I choose to live in the present moment.

I focus on the present and future because it is impossible to walk forward by looking back. Instead of dwelling on past failures and mistakes, I direct my energy toward creating a future that I can be proud of.

Today, I choose to concentrate on my future and forget my past. I choose to define myself by the goodness of my heart and the potential that is inside of me. I disarm negativity by activating self-acceptance.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What kind of future do I want to create for myself?
  2. How does dwelling in the past create a roadblock to a successful future?
  3. Do I define myself based on my past or my future?
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