My goals in life are clear

20884790_sWhen establishing goals, I take a look at my priorities. My career, children, partner, and health are all at the top of my list. In each of these arenas of my life, I am clear about what I want. Therefore, setting goals is easy for me.

I find that when I put down my desires on paper, they become real. When I read the words, I become energized by the idea that I can achieve my goals. I know that my aspirations are within my reach.

I realize that in order to be successful in life I need to know very specifically what I am striving toward. I am then compelled to work on each of my goals, one by one. Recording my aspirations on paper helps me to stay focused, centered and moving toward them.

I live each day with those goals in the front of my mind. As I take my morning reflection, I take the time to reflect on my intentions: I think about what I plan to do that day to be one step closer to a specific goal. I allow myself to feel the excitement that comes naturally to me when I achieve one of my aspirations.

Today, I choose to clarify my life plans and write them in a special journal or notebook. Reviewing them each day reminds me to allocate time for fulfilling my most important desires.

 Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Are my goals in life clear to me?
  2. Have I written down my heart’s deepest desires?
  3. How can I make time to work toward my goals?
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