I avoid blaming others for my choices

ResponsabilityI make all kinds of choices each day. My health, my relations and my work are just some of the options I deal with on a daily basis. Even though I might make less than the best decisions, I avoid blaming others for my choices.

I fully recognize that what I decide to do springs from my own beliefs, thoughts, and feelings.

I base my choices on my best guess of what I should do. I accept the consequences of my choices. Since I am the only one responsible for my decisions, it seems unnecessary to try to blame others for the choices I select.

It pleases me to know I stand up and claim my own decisions. I stand behind what I choose.

I feel confident when it comes to selecting what I want to do in a particular situation. I choose what appears to be the right choice for me and then I always make it through whatever happens.

I gain courage from my daily experiences and that courage helps me see my way through without blaming others.

Today, I make it a point to notice when I feel like blaming others. I keep watch to see in which situations I tend to want to blame someone else. I pledge to take all steps possible to refrain from blaming others for options I select in life.

I know I can live a life filled with tranquility and satisfaction as long as I take responsibility for my own choices.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Am I careful to avoid blaming others for my decisions?
  2. In what situations do I blame others for my own choices?
  3. How can I prevent myself from blaming someone else for my decisions?
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